(c) Nicolaj Jessen

Peter Kutin & Stan Maris

Peter Kutin // light-to-noise feedback system, fx

Stan Maris // accordion, fx

First collaboration between electronic musician and composer Peter Kutin and accordionist Stan Maris. 
The music circles around Kutin's Light-To-Noise feedback system. 
A residency and live concert was recorded at Zonneklopper, Brussels, during the Oscillations festival organized by QO-2, apr 2022.

(c) Bert Cox

Mathieu Robert Group

Mathieu Robert // saxophones & transverse flute
Ananta Roossens // violin & trumpet

Ruben Machtelinckx // guitar & baritone guitar

Stan Maris // accordion

Nico Chkifi // drums

Brought together by Mathieu Robert for a residency and concert at Gaume Jazz Festival in aug 2021.

(c) Laurent Orseau

Di Domenico/Lau/Mota/Talia/Maris

Giovanni Di Domenico // piano, fender rhodes, synths, fx
Pak Yan Lau // synths, toy piano, fx

Manuel Mota // el. guitar
Joe Talia // drums, fx

Stan Maris // accordion

Brought together by Giovanni Di Domenico for a residency, album recording session and a few concerts in may 2021. 

(c) Hans Van Der Linden

Giovanni Di Domenico 
New Movements Ensemble


Giovanni Di Domenico // piano
Ananta Roossens // violin & trumpet

Quentin Manfroy // flute

Niels Van Heertum // euphonium

Kalle Moberg // accordion

Stan Maris // accordion

Manolo Cabras // double bass

Brought together by Giovanni Di Domenico for a residency, album recording session and a few concerts in feb 2021.

(c) Wanda Detemmerman

Ken Vandermark's Marker
+ De Backer/Amadou/Lauro/Maris


Ken Vandermark // saxophones
Macie Stewart // piano, synths, violin

Andrew Clinckman // el. guitar

Steve Marquette // el. guitar

Phil Sudderberg // drums

Hanne De Backer // saxophones

Farida Amadou // el. bass
Audrey Lauro // saxophones

Stan Maris // accordion

Residency at De Studio, Antwerp, organized by Sound In Motion, bringing together Ken Vandermark's Marker together with  a few of young promising Belgian artists, in march 2019.